francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

omgg ii forgot !!

ahhh ii totally forgot this one part of our trip on tuesday to IOA .. we went on the dr sues ride and that was funn funn funnnnnn .. and then we went on the merry go round in dr sues land tooo and brandon founda dime on one of the rock thingys and he tried to pick it up but it was glued to the rock .. wooo hooo and then benny DC with brandon and ii was like hi benny hi benny hi benny hi benny hi hi hi hi hi benny hi benyy hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii for like an hour .. but thats ok .. becuase iim just stupid like that .. yeah uh huh ok well thats it .. oh yeah and yesterday was alot of funn !! woo hooo funn funn in the mall with no sunn .. ha ha heee .. ok iim out becuase iim really hyper and yeah .. no wait nvm iim not .. ii stil cant get over the fact that there is no school .. this year went by soooooooo fast ii cant even believe it .. ii love you delaney and botello !!!!!!!!!!!omggg iiii LOVEEEE you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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