francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina


yayyy today was sooo much funn !! styna ii loviie youu !! ok so we went to the mall and it was me styna and steph .. and then we met nick and danyl there .. and then they ignored u and ditched us .. so we went and looked aorund in stores .. and then they were "stalking us" .. then we met up with them in pac sun and ii saw this really cute shirt .. that was ONLY 22.50 .. and stephanies like "oh ill buy it for you" .. soo she did .. and now ii love her .. lol .. yes and then we went to uhhhhhh .. a place .. and nick and danyl were begging us for change .. becuase they got like 2 dollars out of all the water fountain thingys .. then we went to buy them their drink .. and yeah .. ii got melested .. stephanie grabbed a lime from the basket and then she dropped it on the floor .. and and old coupel picks it up .. wooo .. then they got their drink .. and danyl was begging for an unbrella .. then they were like flicking the BLUE DRINK at me .. NOT COOL .. " they actually shaved the ice" .. as nick just said .. so yeah ii got attacked by them and made fun of .. and told my story to benny .. then nick tried to pour the whole drink on me and ii flipped out and ran away screaming .. then we went to sharper image and ii sat on nicks lap in the masage chairs and the guy was like oo only one person per chair .. then danyl got us kicked out .. boo hoo .. then we went to burdines ans danyl was being a tard in the elavator .. tryign to get head from christyna .. and we were like going in and out of the elavator !! ahhhh it was soooo funny .. but then we went to the mens shoe dept. and we got kicked out of there .. so we were just outside for like an hour .. then we were like havingfun and blah blah blah .. and yeah ok .. next .. stephanies dad picked us up and ii had to sit on the hump in the middle of the back seat .. and christyna forgot her purse .. and ii was like CHRISTYNA !!! yur purse is on the curb .. and yeah .. soo we went to boomers and met people there and had funn .. ii forgot what we did but we had funn .. ok that was my day .. byeee byeeeeeee !!!

my sexxiified 7th grades !! ii love you all !!! (oh wait m bad your 8th graders now ....)
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