francesca ♥ sabrina (francesca_xo) wrote,
francesca ♥ sabrina

memoriesz from yesterday

bus ride there -- right when we got on the bus we ate .. and ate .. and ate .. lol we didnt even wait till we were driving .. chilld .. listeneg to music .. talked .. and then tanya got into a fight with the guys .. and the guys were about to put shaving cream on brandon when he was sleeping .. but then tanya saved the day !! .. yessss .. lol .. uh huh and kaitlin did her hair like 20 times .. took pictures .. and laughed at each other because we are stupid like that .. watched a pretty gay movie .. and ii dunno other stuff ..

THERE !!! yayyy -- we got to walk on the MOVING sidewalks !! yayyy lol kaitlin .. then we got there and had to wait like 15 min before we got our tickets .. got them and ran away !! .. went and got a fast pass for the hulk .. then walked around and looked for a shop and spent $187 on express plus fast passes for all 5 of us .. then the funn really began .. we went on spiderman and got to wear those really cool glasses !! woo we were pimpin it .. then we went on the hulk .. wooo that was cool .. ii forgot who ii sat next to .. but it was wonderful .. except for the fact that my neck was dying .. but thats ok .. then tanya eddie and brandon went on DR. DOOM .. which was really stupid .. then we got icees which was very refreshing .. lol .. then we went on uhhhhhh dudley do right ii think .. and that was funnn !! weee heeee .. then we went on poppeyes !! ahh yayyyy that was sooooo much funn !!! we got soaked !!! then we went on jurassic park .. funnn funnn .. then uhhhhhh we went on duling dragons !! we waited 20 min to get in the front row .. and eddie and brandon went first .. but brandon didnt have shoes on so they kicked him off and made him go back to the lockers and get his shoes =( .. then me tanya and kaitlin went on !! omgg it was soooo awesome !! .. then brandon went on and we all waited for him .. then we ate lunch .. wooo ii hada cheeseburgerfries and a drink .. and brandon had fries .. and 2 corn on the cobs .. and eddie had this giant turkey leg .. lolol !! it needs bar-b-q sauce !! lollol .. tanya; "it looks a lil bloody" .. eddie; "its ketchup" lolol wow good one tanya .. then we went on the flying unicorn .. woopdeedoo .. it was actually good for a kiddie ride .. lol eddie you hit your elbow on the wod thingy .. poor baby .. then we were all like hyper and hott .. so we went on popeyes again and we got SOAKED !!! it was awesome !! lol .. so yeah then we were really tired and our feet hurt and our shoes smelt bad .. so we just chilled for like 30 min and waited for eddie to come back with his icee .. and we met up with margolis, brett, schield, posner, and josh .. then we all went to dudley do right again !! ahhhh that was soooooooooo much funn !!! okay ready .. ii was reading like all the signs and the TVs where they said all the precautions .. then ii look over the ramp and me an tanya see this girl like doing that lil tounge thingy to her bf or w/e .. and ii just loose it .. ii fall to the floor cracking up for like 5 min .. and then eddies like .. while yur down there .. lol .. then we keep walking and ii keep laughing .. and ii keep reading .. an everyone is like looking at me like iim psycho .. then we all see another couple .. woo they were hott and heavy .. feeling on each other .. kissing and making out every 2 seconds .. me and brandon .. GET A ROOM !! .. GET YOUR OWN LOG !! PLEASEDO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL ACTIVITIES, THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE AND THERE ARE LITTLE CHILDREN AROUND .. HE DOESNT LOVE YOU !! .. then she flicks brandon off .. lolol .. then all the way there on the ride .. me and brandon kept screaming .. GET A ROOM BITCH !! .. woooooooo !! that was the best !! .. then we went to the hulk .. but you know tanya is kinda blonde like that so she left he ticket in the locker, when ii had just locked it .. and ii sat in the waayyyy back !! ii sat next to margolis and tanya !! woo hoo funn stuff .. and in the picture tanya was freaking out .. ii was like smiling .. and margolis was "sleeping" .. lol .. funn times .. funn times .. we were gunan go on again .. but we didnt have time .. ahhh yesss it was AWESOME !! .. and as ii was leaving ii saw the place where they carv your name into a gran of rice and iim like .. yo iim gunna buy like 100 of those and make them as a meal and be like yeah bitch this is my rice !! .. if anyone asks .. is your name on it ? ill be like yeah its on every single one !! weeeee .. lololol !!! iim psycho !!! .. then we went on the moving sidewalks again .. and when we got to the bus eddie puts margolis`s hand on my ass .. then margolis was like oo that was nice .. so he does it again with no problem at all .. lol ..

bus ride back !! -- we had a pruney foot contest .. lol kaitlin won !! .. then ii changed right there in the seat .. but its all good .. and then kaitling was changing in her seat too .. and brandon and eddie would leave her alone .. they kept pulling the blanket off of her and shitt .. woo ii owulda died !! lol .. then me and alex texted each other becuase we are cool like that .. then ii was kinda upset .. so ii just listened to music and went to sleep for a lil while .. then woke up and texted alex again .. and he tells me he is going out with tanya .. so then ii go and talk to kaitlin .. and brandon gets pissed .. but yeah so ii talk to kaitlin and tell her margolis and tanya are going out .. then she tells me that her and eddie are going out .. and ii was just like oy vay !! .. so yeah .. then we get to the school and we had to wait like 15 min before we could get off the bus becuase freakin people had to lock the gates to the school and bus 5 and 6 were late !! but yeah ii was like spazzing and margolis was flirting with me .. and hmm ii just had a dandy ol time .. but then ii had to say goodbye to delaney and botello and everyone =( .. that was soooooooooooo sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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